DSLR Photography Workshops

Many people think it is too complex to learn how to take great photographs. Or that they are not creative enough or that they need to have the “eye” for it. But that is just not true.

So, whether it's your first camera, or you're just looking to learn a new hobby or skill, the Garces Bros can help you get there where you want to be on your photography.

Our workshops are taught by experts and well knowledge individuals that love photography and film.

These workshops will teach you to build confidence using your camera’s settings.

We will begin on how to use your cameras Aperture, Shutter Speed, and ISO settings. These are photography fundamentals that you will never forget. As we progress we will move into composition, framing, lighting, and much more.

We also include with every one of our classes a free reference guide. The guide helps you practice and remember your settings for any camera that you choose to use in your travels, work, or hobby.

Get ready to learn on how take great photos and see the world through the viewfinder you are going to love what you learn – and how you will learn it.

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